What Are Carbohydrates? “Will Eating Carbohydrates At Night Make You Fat”?

The body does not know what time of day it is really, sure we have the circadian rhythm, but when it comes to calorie consumption it is more about net intake over a 24 hour period. It doesn’t matter if you eat carbs later in the day, provided your diet is made up of the right food in the correct amounts.

However, I do recommend using more of your daily carb allowance at certain times because it can help things like:

I am not somebody who just says hit your macros/calories each day, there is more to nutrition than that. Today, there is too much BS on social media which just tells people to not worry about anything other than macro numbers.

If you want to do things the right way, for optimal results, ignore that BULLS***!

Here are some suggestions about the best times to use more (not all) of your carbohydrates for the day…

  • 1) The pre and post-workout window is where you will use carbohydrates more effectively, therefore consider using more of your daily total here. Insulin sensitivity will be higher around the workout window, especially if you are using my HIGH VOLUME TRAINING!
  • 2) The rest of your carbohydrates can be split evenly across your meals, throughout the day. The morning time you will be more depleted, so some here then is a good idea. At night carbohydrates can help you sleep because of the impact on serotonin release.
  • 3) When you are having higher carb days using my zig-zag approach, it will be harder to force these in before training. Split them across all your meals and have extra in the post-workout period when you will be more hungry.

I hope this helps!

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