Do You Want To Be In Shape All Year Or Just For 12 Weeks?

Do You Want To Be In Shape All Year Or Just For 12 Weeks?
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Most bodybuilders don’t stay in shape all year round, I always did and I still do today – I always get asked about this and what’s the secret…
My work rate never drops off, I live and breathe this life every single day and always have. That means I take care of what I eat, but more than that I always train like a beast in the gym – every time I KILL IT!!
When you train with this much intensity, with high volume training all year, you get to stay in shape. This is just another reason I think it is by far the best training method…
Do you know why high volume training keeps you in shape like nothing else out there?
  • High volume training burns over double the energy when compared to most other workout styles do. This means your body is super insulin sensitive and ready for the food you give it, there’s much less risk of gaining fat when you train like this. Imagine your muscles become like sponges when training like this, ready to absorb food much better, which allows you to grow and stay in shape!
  • High volume training gives a ton of muscle overload which means your testosterone and growth hormone will always stay higher because your body needs these hormones. Give your body a reason to boost anabolic hormone production, it helps a great deal with year-round progress.
I cannot explain to you the difference training this way will make to your results.
I keep repeating it because it will transform your progress!!
Even with most high volume training, people do it wrong, they have no periodization, they don’t do enough, select the wrong exercises, and find they can’t progress.
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