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Experienced fitness professional

Bigflex Dogg understands how to help people achieve their goals through a combination of personal support and online coaching , one and one personalized coaching.  Achieve the physique you have always wanted. Learn more about how the body works, and understand how to train your body. Get advice and develop knowledge about how to best feed your body for peak performance. With over 20 years of experience in the bodybuilding field and fitness industry, Bigflex Dogg knows how to guide people of all ages and stages along the road to achieving their fitness goals. 

Who is Bigflex Dogg?

Bigflex Dogg is a professional bodybuilder in Washington D.C. He is Angolan, and began his career in the sport in Africa in 1999, competing in many different countries throughout the years.

Personal coaching

Bigflex Dogg can help you create a fitness plan in Washington D.C., or anywhere throughout the U.S and worldwide. He has done personal coaching in Washington D.C.

Why Subscrivbe

Bigflex Dogg provides a subscription only service that offers personal coaching online and He also provides one and one personalized training. Subscriptions cost $9.99 per month and personalized training cost $35 per session

Tailored plans

Bigflex Dogg began fitness and Bodybuilding coaching in Washington D.C., and then realized that the worldwide web offered access to many other places as well. He developed the ultimate online fitness coaching program that draws on his unique expertise and delivers information in a variety of different formats, including video, emails, and more. Drawing on knowledge that he developed while training for over 30 bodybuilding competitions, Bigflex Dogg carefully selected information that anyone can use to achieve their fitness goals. Each plan is tailor-made for the individual. 

Ongoing support

Support is critical when it comes to succeeding in any area, and fitness is no exception. When you subscribe to Bigflex Dogg’s training program you’ll get all the help you need to stay on track and move forward. An open door policy provides the opportunity for questions, feedback, and changes that are based on the unique needs of each participant. There is always more than one way to reach a fitness goal, and my program allows for that fact. I don’t force you down a predetermined path—I work with you to find the best possible direction for you as an individual. Please get in touch with me to learn more about my offerings, subscription services, one and one personalized training, and more. 


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