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Experienced Fitness Professional

You know that great feeling when you are in amazing shape? You walk tall and confident, you feel secure ‘because nobody will have the gods to confront you or give you any hard time over your looks… you get treated differently, and guess what? You feel like a superhero, because people look up to your shape.

But what a sec…Imagine that mirror, which was your best friend becoming your mean enemy, you can’t stand to see how people see you… Almost getting out of breath tying your shoes, and the worst part…You are scared of hanging out with your peers because of what people might think, Thinking people will judge you because of your shape.  don’t lose hope – there is a magical way out. 

And that is where l come in…“By offering a combination of personal support and online coaching” One-on-one personalized coaching, where l guide you to overcome your fears, build confidence, achieve the shape you have been dreaming of,  and understand how to train your body. With two decades of experience in the bodybuilding field and fitness industry,  you won’t just get generic advice but advice that will help develop knowledge about how to best feed your body for peak performance. 

Who Is Bigflex Dogg?

Bigflex Dogg is a professional bodybuilder in Washington D.C. He is Angolan, and began his career in the sport in Africa in 1999, competing in many different countries throughout the years.

Personal coaching

Bigflex Dogg can help you create a fitness plan in Washington D.C., or anywhere throughout the U.S and worldwide. He has done personal coaching in Washington D.C.

Why Subscribe

Bigflex Dogg provides a subscription-only service that offers personal coaching online and He also provides one-on-one personalized training. Subscriptions cost $12.99 per month and personalized training costs $70 per session

Tailored Plans

Our world is so advanced that it is almost impossible to effortlessly connect with anyone, anywhere all from the comfort of our rooms. Inspired by these and my passion for fitness, l developed the ultimate online fitness coaching program specifically for you that delivers information in a variety of different formats, including videos, emails, content, and more.

Have competed in over 30 bodybuilding competitions and have been coached by top fitness coaches and l have carefully selected information that you can utilize to achieve your fitness goals.

Ongoing Support

We, humans are social animals and support is critical when it comes to succeeding in any area of life, carrier and otherwise, and fitness is no exception. The support you will experience when you subscribe to the Bigflex Dogg training program is super unique and l guess it can’t be found elsewhere because you get to relate with like-minded individuals and you will get all the help you need to stay on track. 

Doors are open for questions, feedback,  and changes that are based on your unique needs and you get more than one way to reach your fitness goals. Together we will discover the possible direction for you to get fit. Get in touch and let’s move your fitness to great heights.

Get in touch with Bigflex Dogg to begin training!

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