Stick To What Works For You: Avoid Being “That Guy”

Last week I received a message from someone on Instagram who was considering joining Bigflex Dogg Club, they said nothing had worked for them to this point.
I asked what they had done and this is what I got…
“Over the past 6 months, I have tried this person, this person, and this person’s workout programs. I mix it up using all of them. Sometimes I use a diet from this plan, sometimes I do it differently.”
Before I go any further, this is not a criticism because a lot of people just don’t know any better.
I get absolutely f***ing loads of messages which are basically the same as this one, from people who can’t figure out why they cannot get results. When I ask what they have been doing, it is always the same response.
The problem with “mixing it up” between workout plans and diet plans all of the time is you do not know where the f*** you are, so it is very likely you will stop progressing and be left with nowhere to go.
Brian (the guy who messaged me above) is now part of Bigflex Dogg Club and is doing s*** the right way, every week. He is progressively pushing his body harder each week with my high-volume method of training, using deloads at the right time, and also sticking to a diet that he knows is working.
I just want people to stop being “that guy” who jumps from one thing to the next because it really is NOT the answer. There are lots of ways you can progress and you don’t even have to use my way – but stop wasting time doing new stuff for a few weeks, to then go and do something else. It won’t work!
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