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Why subscribe?

Bigflex Dogg provides a subscription only service that offers personal coaching online and He also provides one and one personalized training. Subscriptions cost $9.99 per month and one and one personalized training cost $35 per session, and with that purchase comes unlimited support, and valuable information. If you’ve ever wanted to get truly fit, learn more about your best diet, and enhance your overall health and well-being, this subscription is for you. Bigflex Dogg is completely dedicated to the success of his subscriber and clientele base , and takes the time to make sure each and every person that signs on gets the very best in training and support. Call him ASAP! 

Subscription benefits

My subscribers get numerous special offers and deals, which you can learn about below, but that isn’t the only benefit. Bigflex Dogg provides individualized attention to those who sign on in a variety of different formats. From dedicated emails, to Skype sessions, to phone and video conferencing, subscribers receive well planned content designed specifically to move them along in their training program and get results. This approach is supportive and comprehensive, and offers fantastic information.  

Subscription-only offers

When you subscribe and sign on to the personal coaching service I provide, you’ll receive some special offers that are only available to you as a subscriber. From deals on supplements to daily emails packed with unique content about nutrition, supplements, training, and diet, this service pays for itself! I strive to make sure my  subscriber base is the first to know all the latest and greatest information out there so that they can achieve their health and fitness goals. Get the support you need to reach the next level in your life—and physique! 


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