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Why Subscribe?

Bigflex Dogg provides a subscription-only service that offers personal coaching online and He also provides one-on-one personalized training. Subscriptions cost $12.99 per month and one-and-one personalized training costs $70 per session, and with that purchase comes unlimited support, and valuable information.

If you’ve ever wanted to get truly fit, learn more about your best diet, and enhance your overall health and well-being, this subscription is for you. Bigflex Dogg is completely dedicated to the success of his subscriber and clientele base and takes the time to make sure each and every person that signs on gets the very best in training and support. Call him ASAP! 

Subscription Benefits

At Bigflex Dogg Training Campus, we take individual attention to a great new level, which means that when you sign-up for Bigflex Dogg Training Program,  you’re not just signing up for special offers and deals but for something special.

At Bigflex Dogg Training Campus, you receive personalized emails that are tailored to your goal, great and inspiring Skype sessions to keep you motivated along the journey…and most importantly the convenience of phone and video conferencing whenever you need our expert guidance. No more guessing games because we ensure you receive well-planned content designed specifically for your well-being.

Subscription-Only Offers

When you subscribe and sign-up for the personal coaching services you will not only receive meals and fitness advice but you will receive special offers that are only available to you as a subscriber.

From a value pack weekly newsletter to unique content on supplements, nutrition, fitness, and diet,  this service pays for itself. You will be updated as soon as possible on fitness and health trends. You now have access to your unique health and physique, so why not take advantage now?

Get in touch with Bigflex Dogg to begin training!

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