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Personal Coaching Programs Throughout The U.S. and Worldwide

You are unique and a generic fitness plan might not give you the real results. It is now time to say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all fitness plan and embark on an extraordinary journey to get that dream physique. My coaching program is available not just in Washington DC but accessible worldwide to fitness fanatics just like you. It’s beginner-friendly because it caters to beginners seeking a transformative lifestyle change…

To fitness fanatics eager to perform at a new height and bodybuilding aspirants striving to achieve greatness. Beyond just workouts and training, meals play a greater part when it comes to getting fit, and as a guy who has gone through that path l will give you guidance on nutrition and tailored meals plan that will help fuel your body and unleash your dream shape. Are you ready to transform into the best version of yourself? A body that you will be proud of,  then I am here to help.

Individual Attention

Are you tired of a fitness plan that leaves you feeling lost, confused, and disconnected? I know how frustrating that may be especially when you have put more of your effort, time, and even resources without getting the required result. It’s quite frustrating. Getting on a fitness journey may sometimes feel overwhelming,  you may feel lost in the crowd…But imagine a fitness program that matches your unique needs, goals, and preferences, how would that feel? Great right, that’s exactly what you will enjoy when you sign up with Bigflex Dogg.

A program that is designed to match your unique body,  every aspect of the program from training to nutrition carefully crafted to ensure you reach your full potential and most amazingly…All while feeling supported and motivated every step of the way. My weekly check-in act as a lifeline, keeping you on track and providing that extra boost of confidence.

Choose Your Package

It’s easy to get started with Bigflex Dogg’s training program. Simply pick your package and check-out! Once payment has been made, I ask that you fill out the consultation form so I can customize a plan for you. Once you get the plan from me, you can get started right away.

I will be right here to answer your questions or help you navigate potential issues in a private coaching session on Skype, or via email. Your personalized plan will be tweaked until it’s just right for your needs, and I’ll be here 24/7 to make sure you are on the right path! Contact me today to get started. 

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