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Personal coaching programs throughout the U.S. and Worldwide

Bigflex Dogg can help you create a fitness plan in Washington D.C., or anywhere throughout the U.S and worldwide. He has done personal coaching in Washington D.C., and developed an online training program that he now offers to his subscriber base. A successful bodybuilder himself, Dogg decided to give back by creating a way for anyone and everyone to get fit, become more toned, and understand more about what they put into their body. Since online offerings can reach out into areas traditional programs cannot, this was the market he chose for his personal coaching services. 

Individual attention

Bigflex Dogg doesn’t do one-size-fits all plans. Each program is custom made for the person who signs up, and care is always taken to make sure it will be the right mix of training, nutrition, and support. Weekly check-ins help make sure you’re progressing well, and connecting with the information you need to move forward. If you plateau anywhere along the line, I’ll help get you moving again. Bigflex Dogg has walked the walk himself, so he’s able to provide you with time-tested strategies for achieving your goals. 

Choose your package

It’s easy to get started with Bigflex Dogg’s training program. Simply pick your package and check-out! Once payment has been made, I ask that you fill out the consultation form so I can customize a plan for you. Once you get the plan from me, you can get started right away. I will be right here to answer your questions or help you navigate potential issues in a private coaching session on Skype, or via email. Your personalized plan will be tweaked until it’s just right for your needs, and I’ll be here 24/7 to make sure you are on the right path! Contact me today to get started. 


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