Professional Bodybuilder in Washington D.C.

Who is Bigflex Dogg?

Bigflex Dogg is a professional bodybuilder in Washington D.C. He is Angolan, and began his career in the sport in Africa in 1999, competing in many different countries throughout the years. Dogg dedicated all of his time and energy to learning more about the body, inside and out, in order to be his best, and he learned a great deal about training, nutrition, supplements, and physical fitness. After more than two decades focused solely on bodybuilding, he decided it was time to share the knowledge he amassed during his long and successful career. People have many physique goals in the U.S. and worldwide,  and Bigflex Dogg knows how to help you reach them. Training others has become his passion. 

My fitness philosophy

I believe that getting and staying fit is a goal that everyone can achieve. Each person has their own fitness goals, and one of the reasons I have structured the online fitness program the way I have is to make sure I can help individuals with one-on-one online fitness coaching in Washington D.C. , throughout the U.S and worldwide. Bigflex Dogg has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share—not just about bodybuilding, but about how to reach fitness goals, make sacrifices that move you forward, and adjust plans to make sense for the individual. 

Nutrition and training

In order to become more fit you’ll need to train your body, but you’ll also want to make sure it has proper nourishment. Bigflex Dogg is able to provide information and strategies that will move you along in both areas. Sometimes this may mean taking a few supplements to round out your diet, or adding sets and reps of certain exercises to make sure your body is responding well. No two bodies are the same, and I take this into account as we progress along the training program with you. Contact me today to learn more. 


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