Professional Bodybuilder in Washington D.C.

Who Is Bigflex Dogg?

Bigflex Dogg is a professional bodybuilder in Washington D.C. He is Angolan, and began his career in the sport in Africa in 1999, competing in many different countries throughout the years. Bigflex Dogg dedicated all of his time and energy to learning more about the body, inside and out, in order to be his best, and he learned a great deal about training, nutrition, supplements, and physical fitness. After more than two decades focused solely on bodybuilding, he decided it was time to share the knowledge he amassed during his long and successful career. People have many physique goals in the U.S. and worldwide,  and Bigflex Dogg knows how to help you reach them. Training others has become his passion.

People called me an incredible bodybuilder which I don’t think so,  l believe l just have a passion for staying fit and healthy,  but it wasn’t so two decades ago. I was just a regular Joe with no intention of getting into fitness but something inspired me. My fitness journey started in my hometown, Compão, Lobito, in Angola, l got inspired by the likes of Flex Wheeler, Ronnie Coleman, Frank Zane, and the GOAT of bodybuilding “Arnold Schwarzenegger” and l began training. Fast forward to today, l have traveled around the world,  lifting weights and competing in different competitions, and learning all about how magic happens in the body. And here is something… after two decades(20 years ) of focusing on bodybuilding l have decided to help you achieve that dream shape. And guess what? Whether you’re in the US or anywhere in the world, l am here to help you get that shape that will leave smiles on your chicks.

My Fitness Philosophy

You know the feeling that comes when you look in the mirror and smile back at the person in the mirror, that sounds cool right but l truly believe you can achieve that. I believe that getting and staying fit is a goal that everyone can achieve. Each person has their own fitness goals, and one of the reasons I have structured the online fitness program the way I have is to make sure I can help you with one-on-one online fitness coaching in Washington D.C., throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

From two decades of experience, Bigflex Dogg has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share—not just about bodybuilding, but about how to reach fitness goals, making sacrifices that move you forward, and adjusting plans to make sense for you individually.


Nutrition and Training

Getting in shape and staying in shape is almost everyone’s desire and l am here to help you get that desired body. Our personalized nutrition and training will help guide and support you every step of the way. I understand that everyone’s body is not the same. That is why l have tailored a program to suit your specific needs, ensuring you get the best possible results.

As an expert l will give you guidance on the right supplements, targeted workouts, proper nourishment, and personalize exercise sets and reps for positive feedback in your body. Don’t settle for solutions that are not personalized for you. Get started and let’s create a plan that is perfect for you.

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