What Is “The Body Dysmorphia”? Let’s Talk About Body Dysmorphia

This is a really positive message for you today… I was asked about body dysmorphia by somebody on the Bigflex Dogg Club webinar if I have ever suffered from this. Honestly, no, I never have.

This actual condition is something only a qualified psychologist could discuss in detail but here is some solid advice for you…

You need to enjoy the journey as much as the destination, which means taking pride in how far you’ve come to this point while focusing on the next level at the same time. As a competitive Bodybuilder I am always obsessed with progression, all I think about how to improve, I never really look at myself and think “I have done it.”

This mindset is required to step on stage, especially when you’re competing against tough competitors!

However, I would recommend that you do the following when looking at your own progress …

1) Compete against YOURSELF, as long as you are improving, that is what really matters

2) Although you should always want to improve, take a moment to look at how far you’ve come as well!

This advice doesn’t just help your mind, it also makes building a better physique happen faster!

Here is why…

When your mind is focused on enjoying every workout, it becomes more engaged in the process – automatically you get your s*** together on a higher level with diet as well. Suddenly you find a much better rhythm for one big reason… YOU BECOME LONG-TERM-MINDED!

My vision has always been to think long term, that is with my bodybuilding and business – even my closest people around me have been there for years. By thinking long-term it makes you stop looking at short-term things which might look appealing, but won’t last. Look at all the bullls*** 4-week plans you see online, there is no thought for after! They are just distractions and take you away from the long-term goal.

By learning to enjoy the process and compete against yourself, you suddenly get to think longer-term which cuts out the BS along the way. I just want you to get as much positivity from your journey as possible, I recommend you take this advice with both hands!

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