Training Strategies: “What Is The Perfect Training Split”?

This past Saturday I did another live webinar for my Bigflex Dogg Club members, I love doing these because I get to talk to each member on an individual basis – that matters a great deal to me! All members get access to my live webinars, which I do every 2 weeks, where they get to ask me questions directly.

Somebody asked me about training splits and what I think is the best, so I have written some points below about this…

  • 1 Maximum of 3

I always like to stick to a rule of 3 consecutive training days, before having a rest day. If you’re doing a 5-day split, go for 3 days, have a day off, then train for 2 and repeat…

If you are using the 4 days split on Bigflex Dogg Club, go for 2 days, take 1 day off, then do 2 more…

The 6 days split on Bigflex Dogg Club is going to mean doing two lots of 3 days, with 1 day’s rest in the middle.

Plan to take your day off after back and quad training days, so that your body has time to recover from these more intense workouts.

**I know some members of Bigflex Dogg Club have just been doing the workouts straight, but I’d rather you do it like this because it will allow for better central nervous system recovery**

  • 2 Address Your Weaknesses

There are two parts to this point:

A) What are your weakest muscle groups?

B) Do you have any areas which are weak and vulnerable to injury?

Your weakest muscle groups should be prioritized with your training split – adjust your workout schedule to put your weakest first. This means you will have more energy to hit them hard!!

If you have a tendency to get a sore lower back, or any other area, you need to factor this into your split. Don’t have body parts next to each other in your split which antagonize the same area – for example, don’t deadlift for back on Monday and then do RDLs for hamstrings Tuesday. If your elbows get sore from pressing, you need to split out chest, shoulders, and any tricep exercises across the week.

  • 3 Separate Quads & Back

Quads and back are the two hardest workouts of the week if you’re training with the right level of intensity at least! You need to have them at different parts of the week so your body can recover faster – otherwise, you run the risk of becoming overrun.

Hopefully, this helps you, even if you’re not following the weekly workouts on Bigflex Dogg Club.


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