Don’t You See Steady Progress? “Here’s The 3 Signs Your Training Needs Adjusting”

Sometimes you might feel as though your training just isn’t working like it used to, sometimes things need a shake up. Today I am going to help you identify 3 things which could confirm you need to switch things up.
  • 1 You Are Not Getting Stronger

My high volume training protocols are not about getting “strong” because that is not a bodybuilder’s main focus, however, you do still need to progressively generate more overload to build size.

If you are not making any progress and haven’t for months, with the weight you’re lifting, or the number of reps and sets you are lifting a weight for, change things up. This could also be down to your application and also diet, so consider these things as well.

  • Weak Muscle Groups Aren’t Improving

If you are not seeing any progress within your weaker muscle groups you need to change things up. So often people train their weakest muscle groups at the end of the week because they shy away from their flaws – they rather hit their strongest muscle groups on Monday when they are fresh. Don’t do this, build your program to git your weakest muscle groups first, when your high threshold motor units are not fatigued!

  • Mentally You Are Not Engaged

Training is about being mentally engaged, as well as physically energized. Sometimes you need to change your training split when you are bored and unable to really engage with the workout. My advice is to push harder, with more intensity, because you will see better results which means it suddenly becomes more interesting again!

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