4 Training Mistakes “EXPERIENCED” Trainers Make

Here is a topic not many people go after, mistakes which experienced trainers make. Often people talk about beginners, but what about those who have been lifting for years and could still make better progress if they identified mistakes with their training and changed them?
Let’s talk about it now! Here are 4 examples…
  • #1 Forgetting The Basics
Sometimes when people have trained for years they get dragged into a routine where they forget to apply basic principles. Progressive overload, building training volume, tracking rest periods, tempo, and using principles which are proven too work.
It almost becomes too instinctive which means it is easy to fall into a stagnant phase, with no real progression.
  • #2 Training Favorite Body Parts First
When bodybuilders become more experienced they develop a liking for certain workouts, usually the body parts which are their best. If a guy has big arms, he probably loves training them in front of the mirror.
Likewise, if he has weak hamstrings, he probably doesn’t focus so much on this workout. This is a problem because the gap between weak and strong muscle groups just widens – you should always focus on the weakest areas and aim to bring them up!
For me, arms were a really strong muscle group naturally, so I focused harder on the back for example because that improved my overall physique.
  • #3 Not Reassessing Their Physique
Physiques change over time. Sometimes an athlete will have a strong muscle group and over time bring others up, so that strong muscle group now needs more work. This is a constantly evolving discipline which means you have to be prepared to reassess where you’re currently at.
Another really important thing about this point is mobility. As your physique grows, you naturally lose mobility which can then reduce your opportunity to build size in certain areas. Always assess this and introduce new measures to address it, when needed.
  • #4 Forgetting About Longevity
Time passes fast and longevity should always be the priority – when you’re experienced you tend to be stronger, this can be a good and bad thing. Be smart and remember not every set needs to beat you up. This is why I keep on saying the high volume training, hitting a lot of sets, with really short rest periods is smart because you use less weight to get the same outcome. Longevity is so important – even myself wants to do things outside of the sport. You must be the same, and you need your health to do that.
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