How Do You Increase “Training Frequency Properly”?

Training frequency refers to the amount of times you train a muscle within the same week. If you hit a muscle group once per week then suddenly want to increase that to two, you have increased your training frequency for that specific area.
Why do people do this?
  • Increasing training frequency can keep muscle protein synthesis levels higher in that muscle, which helps make it grow faster
  • It can help develop a stronger mind-to-muscle connection by engaging the central nervous system more regularly
  • Getting more blood into that muscle so it gets pumped can help stretch out the fascia
There are some potential benefits in doing this on muscles which are lagging behind, for sure.
How do you do this properly?
This is a question I actually answer a lot on live webinars for Bigflex Dogg Club members because they always ask about my double back workouts each week, which I used to eventually overcome back weakness! (by the way, you can go right ahead and CLICK HERE: to become a member of Bigflex Dogg Club – it is open!)
This is how…
  • Focus on the really specific weakness of the muscle group you need to bring up. Make the second workout focus on that! For example, if you lack width in the back then make the second workout specifically about that.
  • Leave 4-5 days between the first and second workout so there is sufficient time to recover, this is super important otherwise you will probably slow progress down.
  • If you usually do 20-30 sets of high-volume training for the body part in one workout, you need to account for this when adding a second workout in the same week. The second workout might only need to have 12-15 sets, just enough to get blood into the muscle without killing it. The first workout volume can reduce by around 20%. Finally, make sure you understand that time under tension is the big deal here, not just lifting heavy-weight. Use the extra workout as an opportunity to really isolate that weak muscle!
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