Delts Explosion: “Here Are 3 Side Deltoid Training Tips”

I keep saying if you want to make your physique look more impressive from every angle getting killer side delts will really help do that! So many new people have joined #bigflexdoggMail so I am going to get into this topic again…
  • 1 Behind The Back Side Cable Raises
If you come to my live webinars in Bigflex Dogg Club you will know how much I love this exercise, it is the most isolated side raise variation which gives a load of tension because of the cable! Starting from behind the back, it takes internal rotation out of it and removes involvement from the anterior (front) deltoid.
To really make this exercise work I recommend:
Starting with the hand placed a couple of inches from your side, don’t let it ever touch your side for the whole set. This automatically engages the medial deltoids way more!
Don’t use any momentum, swinging or leg movement. Let the side deltoids do all of the work!
To really get that burn going, use a 2-3 second negative and by rep 10-12 your delts will be on f***ing fire!
  • 2 Seated Dumbbell Side Raises
Using seated dumbbell side raises is an awesome way to isolate the medial delts and keep your form more strict. You can lean forward slightly while emphasizing pushing your shoulders back, so when you raise the dumbbells upwards you get a different stretch on the deltoids.
You will not need a lot of weight for this.
  • 3 Incline Bench Lying Single Arm Side Raises
This is a more unique exercise which takes a little practice to get right – it is awesome for isolating the side delts and gives a totally new angle. Get a bench on a shallow incline, with yourself lying down on one side – secure yourself in this position. With the side which is pointing up to the ceiling, perform a side dumbbell raise.
Again, keep the form really controlled, you won’t need a lot of weight here. You can even go to 12-15 repetitions with this exercise to get that burn.
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