You’re Too “Smart For This Bulls****”

I keep seeing fads online promoted who have zero interest in helping you, it is all about making dollars. I’m a businessman, I own a lot of businesses but I have always made sure it is a win-win for me and the consumer. I don’t believe in selling s***, especially when people trust you to help them. That is an honor, and I take that very seriously.
Today’s #bigflexdoggMail is a reminder about what it really takes to build muscle (fad FREE as you’d expect off me)…
  • 1) Progressive overload is a fundamental part of building muscle. This means gradually increasing the weight you’re using, over the volume of training. This is not negotiable!
  • 2) Muscle tension is pivotal to building size so using specific rep tempos is a smart way to induce more hypertrophy from every working set.
  • 3) Setting rest periods are crucial because they put context into a workout – they set the tempo and you build your performance gains around that. For example, if your bench press improves by 20kg for 10 reps, over 5 sets, it is important the rest periods are the same as before – this keeps everything relative and therefore progressive. If you get stronger because you take longer to rest, that’s not a “like for like” comparison.
  • 4) Repetition ranges matter – don’t get caught up in chasing the biggest weight for 1, 2, 3, or 4 reps… The most hypertrophic rep ranges are 8-12, sometimes 15-20 in some cases. You want to build size which means sarcoplasmic swelling is the goal – low rep ranges aren’t the best way to do that!
High volume training is awesome for achieving progressive overload, avoiding plateaus, triggering higher levels of central nervous system recruitment, stimulating anabolic hormone production, and protecting you against injuries because the trauma comes from repetition versus blunt force (such as with low volume training like Dorian Yates used).
Even though you’re not a member of Bigflex Dogg Club, I still want to keep serving you with information that helps you avoid the BS out there, through #bigflexdoggMail. Just remember a lot of programs today are created to sell and don’t necessarily use the best information – in Bigflex Dogg Club everything members get is created by me, you can rely on that and the results it delivers!
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