If You’re Dieting Down, “Read This Carefully”

This Monday gone my nutrition eBook was signed off, it is COMPLETE and almost ready for launch after months of work!
One of the topics I discuss in the book is dieting down and many of the variables which surround that. Every day I get emails off people who cannot get lean even though they are trying!
This is because:
  • Their diet is not set-up correctly from the start
  • They are unaware of what changes to make and when
The book is highly educational on dieting, it will teach you everything you need to know, it really goes into depth. One thing which it really teaches is…
Adapting your diet to progress and using the “zig-zag” approach to boost the metabolism at the right time!
I really get into why this stuff works and how it can be used to avoid fat loss plateaus – it is impossible to do this book justice from one email, so I will send out a FREE chapter next week when it is ready to launch for you to see for yourself.
Just to give you something to take away right now, so you don’t have to wait
Here are 3 things to consider when using the zig-zag approach…
  • 1) High carb days are there to boost the metabolism after it has slowed down, from dieting for a long time. Carbohydrates help elevate thyroid output which governs the metabolism!
  • 2) On high carb days protein intake can be reduced slightly because the extra carbohydrates give “protein sparing” benefits – you need less protein for this day.
  • 3) Increasing calorie intake by around 30-50% is a good point on a refeed day, for most people when using the zig-zag approach. It is important you track how fast your weight goes up, comes back down to what it was, then drops to a new low… This will give you a clue about how much you should eat on the next high day.
Have an awesome Thursday, folks!
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