This Thing Will Increase Your Risk Of Injury

Recently I had an ache in my lower back which is very unusual for me, but I share everything with my audience because I like to give a real-life insight into this lifestyle – it is how we learn right!?
The reason was because of my hectic travel schedule which meant I was on planes regularly, sitting down, then often spending a long time in the car as well. So why does this cause back problem?
We are not meant to sit down all of the time, it makes us get very tight around the hips, which then means there is a lot of pressure on the lower back. It makes our glutes less active, which places our back under stress! This is why I always tell you to stretch and foam roll – it keeps you supple and reduces stress on your joints.
So if you spend a lot of time sat at a desk and traveling, you need to account for this because you are running the risk of an injury!
  • Foam roll daily, on your IT bands (outer upper leg) for at least 10 minutes! Sometimes I also use a PVC pipe because it’s more solid, so the impact on the muscle can be greater than a foam roller. Sometimes this is necessary!
  • Stretch your lower back / hips by lying on the floor and holding your legs across over the other each day
  • Walk every day, this just helps loosen you up and prevent becoming too tight
If you have a stiff back and your hips feel really tight do something about it, not only will it help prevent injury, it will improve your ability to build size!
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