Why Don’t I Train To Failure?

People get the wrong idea when I say I don’t go to complete failure on my sets – there is still a lot of intensity in my workouts, and the high volume workouts allow me to build size, they always did. However, going to real failure on every set is not something I believe in at all, let me explain why…
There is a great deal of risk on the connective tissues when going to failure, so many people I know rip a muscle or tear a tendon doing this. Stopping just short and using more volume is a smarter way to get the same result, without risking things so much.
Once you suffer a serious injury caused by going to failure, it is very difficult to get back to where you were, which is why you need to really avoid it!
Another thing… It causes a great deal of stress on the central nervous system which can reduce your ability to recruit muscle fibers over time if you become too fatigued.
P.S.: Instead of going to failure, I like to use a lot of volumes to create the overload needed to build muscle. At 36 years old my body feels super young and healthy, this is largely down to my workout style.
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