Do This The Day “BEFORE” Training!

Most people do not train over the weekend and their diet can also slip, I hope you held it together though. The day before you train, you must provide your body with everything it needs to recover and perform. It is yesterday’s nutrition that really has an impact on today’s performance.
Always make sure that:
  • You do not skip meals, because the next day your energy will crash and your performance will reflect this
  • You stick to clean foods while hitting the right amount of macronutrients needed so that your body is fresh for the next workout
  • You keep yourself hydrated, dehydration can kill your performance!
  • You have a good night’s sleep, this is where your body really recovers, including the central nervous system, ready for the next workout
If you have a big workout the next day such as quads or back, sometimes having some extra carbs in your evening meal the night before can be a great idea.
P.S.: Let’s crush this week together again, starting with today!
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