Are You Holding Water?

This is a frequent question I get off people, they want to know how to reduce water retention. Today I will address this topic and hopefully help you learn a great deal!
First up, the only people who really need to concern themselves with reducing sub-cutaneous water retention are those competing or even doing a photo shoot. At this level of conditioning, it is about small details that can make a big difference.
This isn’t today’s topic, I am referring to people who think they need to drop water to appear leaner and aren’t in condition yet.
If you are not lean, it isn’t water which is the problem, you just have body fat to drop. In other words, keep dieting. If you don’t know where to start, My Shred Guide will give you everything needed to diet down effectively!
Those who hold more water than average will probably do so because they have a lot of inflammation, usually within the gut. As a result, they hold more water. The solution is to start clearing out the GI tract by eliminating food your gut doesn’t like – pay attention and see what doesn’t sit well in your stomach. Secondly, eating more green veggies usually helps the gut work better, reducing inflammation.
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