How many Reps/Sets: “Should You Ever Go Above 12 Reps”

If you want my short answer, then YES. Sometimes, going above 12 reps is going to help you.
Let me explain with my longer answer below, it is always important you understand why I say this stuff because it helps you learn.
Sometimes I will go to 15-20 reps on certain exercises, mainly for calves, biceps, triceps, sometimes delts with isolation movements, and even quads for extra blood flow.
Some of the benefits of doing this are:
  • More blood flows into the muscle which helps stretch out the fascia (the tissue which surrounds your muscle and can really limit growth potential).
  • Create more time under tension which is great if your muscle is less responsive, needs that extra time to develop a stronger mind-to-muscle connection. Also, this is great if your joints are a little sore and you want to train with less weight
  • By going a little higher with your reps you may target different muscle fibers, and become more focused on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. Just know this means your muscle looks more “swole” as opposed to “hard.”
From experience, I find calves and arms are the muscle groups which can really benefit from using some 15-20 rep sets. The whole workout doesn’t need to be done like this, just 1-2 exercises for that specific muscle at the end to burnout can work great!
**I recommend using isolation exercises for your 15-20 rep sets for the best results**
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