Try My High Volume Workout For Back

My workouts are always popular with my email readers so today I decided to send another! This was a workout I actually did alone when traveling recently – I found this really got a great pump in the lats which is always a good sign it hit the spot.
Bigflex Dogg’s High Volume Back Workout
  • Pull Ups 5 X 8-12
  • Reverse Grip Pulldowns 4 X 8-12
  • Single Arm Machine Hammer Rows with pause 4 X 8-12
  • T-Bar Rows 4 X 8-12
  • Rack Pulls 4 X 8-12
  • Straight Arm Cable Pulldowns 4 X 10-12
  • Semi-supinated Seated Cable Row with pause 4 X 10-12
Go and crush this workout, you got this!
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