Does Under Eating Really Slow Down Fat Loss?

Hundreds of people follow the Shred Plan in #BigflexDoggClub every single week and they all seem to comment on the same thing…
There is *MORE* food than they anticipated, yet they still get into much better condition and they also look way bigger too. Why is that?
So many people cut back too far on calories when dieting, especially carbohydrates. It is true, when you do this your metabolism adapts and starts burning *LESS* fuel to compensate. Remember, the body doesn’t really want to get shredded… You have to know how to manipulate it with diet and training to get there.
One of the best things you can do is keep your calories as high as possible, while still losing fat because it preserves your metabolic output. Especially from carbohydrates because they govern the metabolism – this is why I don’t like super low carb dieting.
Even when you get deeper into a diet and your calories are lower, always use the zig-zag higher carb refeed days, just to keep the metabolism burning up. As you get lean, you can do this every 4 or 5 days. Plan to do your high carb day on leg/quad day, so you make the most of your extra fuel!
At the start of a diet, it might be tempting to under eat because you think it will get you faster results – you also feel like you can, because you’re not really hungry yet. However, trying to take this shortcut at the start will just make things harder when you plateau.
You also lose a lot of muscle this way and you end up looking flat and small… Training also really suffers, which means in the gym you start to lose interest because you’re not able to push as hard as before.
P.S.: Please remember this email when you start dieting, or if you already are… DON’T under eat!
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