Does Exercise Sequence Matter?

People often put a lot of thought into their training volume, reps, and sets. However, I notice there is not so much emphasis on exercise sequence – this is a huge thing too many people are overlooking!
Just so you know, I am talking about the order you perform exercises within the same workout. Does it make a difference?
Here are 3 reasons why…
  • 1 Injury Limitation
At the start of a workout, some exercises are riskier than others, when the muscle isn’t warm and there’s not so much blood available. For example, on biceps, I would not start with single arm preacher curls because it really isolates the attachment point of the muscle. I’d rather start with an exercise that isolates the biceps less, just to get them prepared.
At the start of the workout is where you’re probably most susceptible to injury, so how you start really matters.
  • 2 Central Nervous System Activation
To build muscle as fast as possible you must stimulate high threshold motor units early on in the workout because this leads to greater muscle fiber recruitment. The best way to do this is with compound lifts, with relatively heavyweight, within that 8-12 rep range. It is important to get at least one or two compounds done early on, generally speaking.
  • 3 Sustaining Strong Performance
When doing the bigger compound lifts you want to sustain performance, lifting as much weight as you can within the 8-12 rep range, with solid form and tempo. Waiting too long to get into these exercises could mean you’re fatigued, which could detract from your performance.
There are a lot of reasons why exercise sequence matters.
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