This *ONE* Training Tip Can Make Your Arms Look “Huge”

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The question people always want to ask is how they get bigger arms. Everybody wants that, right?
There are so many points to consider I could write a book on arm training alone (in fact I did, you can find it HERE in #BigflexDoggClub: ).
Here is one training tip which could add a lot of sizes, thickness, and sweep to your arm so you appear way bigger from all angles.
Spend more of your time training triceps with overhead extensions. Not only this, try and get stronger in that 8-12 rep range with high volume training, as I recommend in #BigflexDoggClub
If we look at the arm from the side and back, there can be a real lack of thickness. Then from the front with a double bicep pose, lots of people don’t have too much fullness at the bottom.
Really going hard with overhead extension work on triceps can change this because you will over time add a lot of mass to the long head. This is the part of the tricep which:
  • Makes your arm have that crazy diamond shape from the back and side
  • Most people do not simulate enough, so it will really set you apart from the crowd
  • Getting stronger and bigger long heads will also improve your pressing
If your arms need to grow and your long head is lagging behind, start using more overhead tricep extensions – trust me, it really works!
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