Bulk Phase: How To Eat More Without Gaining “Fat”

The goal should always focus on being lean, even when building muscle – for men, staying between 8-12% body fat is about right.
The thing which you really need to learn is eating more while staying lean. Have you ever started a bulk or come off a diet, and found your body fat just shoots up dramatically? Well, this is very common and there are things you can actually do to change this.
Today I want to help show you how to do this!
  • Gradual Increases
Here is the first step, you must build up your metabolism! So many people don’t even realize they are functioning with metabolism which is underperforming because of their diet. When you under eat for too long, especially on low carb diets, your metabolism goes flat which means you need to get things going again!
You achieve this by gradually increasing your diet intake.
First up, establish your protein baseline which you need every day – this should be somewhere between 1.2 and 1.5g of protein per pound of lean body fat. The protein you’re eating will naturally give you some fats.
Then you focus on gradually increasing your carb intake so that your metabolism becomes more efficient. Keep pushing it provided you are staying lean. Getting lean before doing this is smart because your body will soak up the calories much easier!
This is why I always tell Bigflex Dogg Club members to do the SHRED Plan first, then go on to the MASS Plan.
  • Back Off & Go Harder At The Right Times
When increasing your carbohydrate intake, please be smart about it. First up, you need to know the portion sizes you’re having each day so you know if it is working or not.
Secondly, learn to back off when you don’t need quite as much such as non-training days and even small body parts. When training quads or back, this is when you go harder with your carb intake because you need that extra fuel – take advantage and get some extra fuel on board!
  • Increase Training Output
As you build your metabolism up and increase carb intake, look to expand your training output with my high volume principles. See if it is time to step up with even more volume, or add another training day.
Doing this will keep you lean and enable you to consume more calories without gaining body fat – this is one of the BIG reasons I like to train with high volume, the way I do.
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  • Use Cardio
Even when eating to gain size I still believe in using cardio, just 30 minutes each morning before eating. Not only is this really healthy for your heart and digestive system, but it also clears the mind and gets the blood pumping to your muscles as well.
It also helps keep that metabolism turning over so that you can increase your carbohydrate intake, improve muscle growth, performance and eat more food all at the same time.
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