Avoid Getting a “Swollen” Gut Like This

The bodybuilding world and fitness industry, in general, has seen a lot of athletes develop distended guts, moving further away from that classic aesthetic look. My all-time favorite shape I ever got into was around 245lbs, years before I competed in the NPC 2016 Virginia Battle Royale championships. I competed around 275lbs but I knew to get there, I would have to play the mass game and sacrifice aesthetics to an extent.
Today I am back between 245lbs and 255lbs and still lean, if you don’t want to get a distended gut and prefer that smaller waist look then today’s #bigflexdoggMail will help you do that…
  • 1 Eliminate Bad Food
By “bad food” I really mean things which your gut has trouble dealing with. If your gut doesn’t like beef, dairy, gluten, or anything else then it needs to go because when you get inflamed your stomach will look swollen. It will also attract more water to your stomach, which makes things worse.
  • 2 Support Your Gut
Doing things to help your gut digest food easier will keep your stomach flatter for sure. This means getting the right balance of fiber, keeping your healthy bacteria balance up, and sticking to natural (rather than processed) foods so your gut works more efficiently.
  • 3 Address Stress
Bigflex Dogg Club members know all about my approach to “stress-free living.” I am extremely positive and have no time for that negative Bullsh*****, this helps keep stress down and that actually has a real impact on the gut. If your cortisol levels are up too high, that will disrupt digestion and leave you inflamed. This can cause bloating and can also pull more water into the gut, which makes you look swollen and more watery.
P.S.: Go back and read my last #bigflexdoggMail if you missed it, I spoke about how to increase training frequency for faster muscle growth the RIGHT way.
I hope today’s #bigflexdoggMail has helped you learn something new!!!
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