This One Thing Can Boost Muscle Growth FAST

A couple of weeks back I was doing a live webinar with Bigflex Dogg Club members and one person asked me about feeling full all of the time, is it normal? This guy had just started his diet to lose fat and he thought the Shred diet in Bigflex Dogg Club was a LOT of food for someone trying to drop weight…
This is how diets start because we want to jack up the metabolism – the first phase is about getting your metabolism fired up so it will burn through energy quicker, within 3-4 weeks you will find your appetite quickly adapts. You will eat the same amount of food easily and even feel hungry, because of the metabolic adaptation!
The worst thing you can do when starting a diet is eating too little because your metabolism will not be optimized – very quickly you will plateau. When your calories are lower your metabolism will naturally slow down, this is just a natural adaptation. This is why it is so important to start the whole diet process right!
The second live Bigflex Dogg Club webinar is next week, I will see if that guy has noticed this happen already… I bet you he has!
The take-home message is that even if you’re struggling to get all the food in, force it, you will adapt and your results will be so much better because of it!
P.S.: Thank you for all of the positive feedback I’m getting from all the subscribers and now Bigflex Dogg Club – honestly, it is awesome and I am so happy this content is changing people’s lives!
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