Do You Know How to Use Periodization Properly?

Last week I got an email from a subscriber member called Brian who wanted to know why the workout programs are structured like they are. One word, periodization!
If you are a member of Bigflex Dogg Club you will know that the training volume builds each week, so you’re doing more working sets each week. Then you hit a deload week where the volume drops off to about 50-60%, then the next phase of high volume training begins…
This is the kind of structure my workout programs follow and it really works.
I will explain why in a moment, but first I need to address something else about the workouts in Bigflex Dogg Club…
Each 3-5 week block of high volume training can use a lot of the same exercises, the variables which change are the number of working sets and weight lifted. Once the deload week comes, the exercise selection then changes for the next 3-5 week block of high volume training!
Some people mistake this as being repetitive, but is essential! This workout structure allows your body time to accumulate enough overload with the same exercises, before moving on to the next training block. The central nervous system needs time to develop a “connection” with exercises – this explains why each block keeps the order much the same until you deload, then we change things up.
So why does this way of structuring high volume training work so well?
  •  The central nervous system is able to experience progressive overload
  •  This stimulates mass muscle fiber recruitment
  •   Androgenic hormones are stimulated
  •  Muscle hypertrophy is optimized
  •  Your body is protected from stress/injury because the volume is triggering growth rather than “beyond failure” sets which are infamous for causing damage!
Basically, you are able to get stronger across a lot of volume on exercises before moving on to the next block – this is what triggers anabolic growth!
Bigflex Dogg Club members are pushing harder, periodized high volume programs to follow every week, and they’re progressing FAST!
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