Do You Have Imbalanced Muscles?

Symmetry is a huge part of bodybuilding, it just enhances the aesthetics of any physique. However, we all have dominant sides – my left arms were bigger than my right, this is actually quite normal. Somebody emailed me this week saying he was 54 years old and had imbalanced muscles, what could he do about it?
My answer was:
  • Firstly, this isn’t abnormal because you will naturally recruit some muscles better than others due to the central nervous system connection and biomechanics. Scar tissue could also influence movement patterns as well!
  • Using more unilateral exercises (single-sided movements) is a good idea because you can give each muscle more focus.
  • Getting soft tissue work done on the lagging muscles will help because it will free up blood flow, improve your range of motion, and allow the connection in that muscle to improve.
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You will probably have some imbalances, these steps I have shared will help you!
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