Let’s Discuss About Detraining. Do You Know What “Detraining” Means?

Detraining doesn’t get talked about enough and I want my #BigflexDoggMail readers and Bigflex Dogg Club members to really think about this!

Detraining (often referred to as ‘reversibility‘) reflects the fact that if a training stimulus is insufficient, or removed entirely, then the aspect of physiological conditioning to which it relates begins to decline. In other words, the individual begins to lose ‘fitness’.

Detraining basically means this… You are going backwards with your training.

For example, if last week you did 30 sets on your chest, hitting 8-12 repetitions per set, with a specific weight on each exercise, then you do the same routine this week, but over 27 sets and use less weight you have basically “detrained.”

There is no progression.

Here is the thing, you will never be able to constantly do more every week – it doesn’t work like that. We can all feel tired, exhausted, lethargic for a ton of different reasons, right?

However, by building your training program the right way you really minimize detraining and almost guarantee progressive overload. If you look at the workouts in Bigflex Dogg Club, you will notice I slowly increase the volume for about 3 weeks, sometimes 4, but no longer than that. We then cut right back for a week, halving the training volume to let the body bounce back.

This helps prevent detraining and enables you to really progress, in short bursts, which eventually add up.

Bigflex Dogg Club is not just a place which gives you workouts to try, that doesn’t really help you progress. Instead, what it really gives is a weekly training schedule which takes into account what you did the week before – suddenly, you are starting to make amazing progress and it won’t stop because everything is set-up correctly.

Don’t think of this as “another program” – see it as a training schedule created by me, to give you faster results.

I am passionate about how much of a difference this can make.

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