If Only I Knew This Sooner: “THE POWER OF SLEEPING”

Life is about learning and progressing from those lessons, hindsight always gives you examples of times where you would have done things differently if you’d have known better at the time!
Now in my mid-30s and blessed with a lot of experience from hard work, there are some things which I can say I wish I knew sooner in my career.
The big one for me is THE POWER OF SLEEP. I was brought up by a hard-working family on a farm so I always had a great work ethic, which definitely helped my bodybuilding career. The idea of sleeping more than I needed was something I didn’t always do, but I learned later on how important this was to recovery and growth.
When you’re training so frequently, doing two workouts per day, carrying over 270lbs of muscle, sleeping is crucial to growth. For anybody trying to reach the next level sleeping right will help:
  • Central nervous system recovery which is how you recruit muscles in the gym
  • Growth hormone, IGF-1, and testosterone production is helped with better sleep
  • Cortisol is managed better when you sleep, which can be catabolic
  • Muscle soreness is reduced with better sleep
The take-home message here is to prioritize sleep, get at least 6-8 hours in the night, and even use naps if you’re able to. They work awesome!
**One great tip to boost sleep quality is to have some carbs close to the bed, it doesn’t have to be a lot, just 25-40g. This releases serotonin, which makes you sleep better.**
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