3 Ways To Naturally Boost “Growth Hormone”

Getting your natural growth hormone levels up can improve recovery, fat loss and, even muscle growth. Growth hormone can also have anti-aging benefits. How do you naturally elevate this hormone?
  • Sleep
The majority of growth hormone is produced when you’re sleeping, if your sleep health is off then you’re also risking having lower growth hormone output. Shoot for 6 hours sleep, don’t have caffeine right before bed, which can interrupt your sleep.
  • Train With Intensity
Bigflex Dogg Club members are already ahead on this because pushing yourself with smart programming every week is the way to get more growth hormone – especially high-volume training! Anybody following the intense Bigflex Dogg Club workouts every week is already ticking this box!
  • Get Lean
People who have less body fat and are lean usually have better growth hormone output. Studies have shown a strong correlation between people with high body fat and lower growth hormone levels, especially in men. The same people noticed a big increase in growth hormone when they reduced their body fat. If you want to start training harder and also want to get leaner, use the SHRED plan – start HERE: https://bigflexdoggsbc.com/online-coaching/
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