Bigger Quads: Try This Crazy “Quad Workout”

Quads were always a muscle group I was known for, even today I still have it – I want to show you how to build crazy quads, which last.
You know that I am a high-volume guy, with minimal rest periods because I believe it is the best way to build serious mass. Let me show you one of the quad workouts I did recently, so you can try it for yourself!
  • Leg Extensions 8 X 8-12 / 45 seconds rest
  • Hack Squats 6 X 8-12 / 60 seconds rest
  • Squats 6 X 8-12 / 60 seconds rest
  • Bulgarian Split Squats 6 X 8-12 / 45 seconds rest
Here you have 26 sets, starting with 8 sets on extensions to pre-exhaust the quads and really get the blood flowing!
The rest of the workout is about using squatting variations to target different areas of the quads – one of the most important things is keeping your feet planted so that you can get enough depth and isolate the quads. Too many people with squatting variations fail to use enough depth and really stabilize their feet, so the whole workout cannot be as impactful as it should be!
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I hope today’s #bigflexdoggMail has helped you learn something new!!!
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