2 Back Exercises I Think You “MUST” Do

The back training guide you will find in my Training Principles Guide Series in BigflexDogg Club subscription gives you loads of information on how to build a bigger, wider, and thicker back.
In the back guide I discussed some of my favorite exercises, below are 2 which I want to share with you,…
  • 1 – Pull-Ups
So many bodybuilders avoid pull-ups but they are the best exercise to develop width and that V-taper every physique needs. Getting strong at this exercise will help your back development progress fast. Don’t allow momentum to swing you upwards, you need to be pulling through the lats by engaging them and controlling your body weight.
  • 2 – Medium Reverse Grip Pulldowns
This is an awesome builder for width across the whole back. It really helps you work the contraction at the bottom of the rep and you can get strong on this, creating a lot of overload on the lats and rhomboids. Don’t let too much momentum swing the weight up and down, pull through the lats, control the weight, and stretch right to the top. When you stretch at the top the lats become more activated which helps them grow.
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P.S.: Also for back training, remember that the right posture is super important! This is something I demonstrate in the back training videos in BigflexDogg Club.
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