3 Things I Did To Build 22″ Arms

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Building mass takes so much effort and consistency – this is why I have created Bigflex Dogg Club to provide my subscribers with expert workouts using my own high volume training principles!
At my peak, my arms measured 22″!
Here are 3 things I did to achieve that…
  • Triceps First
Over the years I have tried everybody split possible – my favorite is to train biceps and triceps together. However, I would always start with the triceps first! My triceps always had a better mind-to-muscle connection than my biceps, and I found if I hit triceps first my biceps would get much more pumped after the first set.
This is probably because of the blood I have got in my triceps already being localized in that part of my body, so it is easier to get blood into the biceps quicker from there.
  • Smart Exercise Selection
If you’re a member of Bigflex Dogg Club you will see I am really specific about exercise selection and building a strong mind-to-muscle connection on each one by building the volume – I always made sure my exercise selection was thought out correctly to optimize arm growth. Smart exercise selection is a big part of this for several reasons:
  1. You need to have enough exercise variation so that you’re hitting all 3 heads of the triceps and both parts of the biceps. Too many people use programs that fail to do this so they’re unable to maximize their mass! To really build mass in the arms you need to have that strong central nervous system connection in all areas, that means picking the right exercises matters!
  2. Some arm exercises will help you create more high threshold motor unit recruitment because of the overload, others will help isolate the muscle more. Both are needed but knowing how to put them together is a great thing to learn, it means you can become more progressive with arm growth.
  • Increased Frequency
There was a time when I trained my arms more than once a week, I even trialed with daily arm training. Using increased frequency definitely helped me gain size but you have to know how to apply this correctly!
The reason why increasing training frequency on a muscle can sometimes accelerate growth is linked to muscle protein synthesis stimulation in that body part – it stays elevated for 48-72 hours usually, by hitting it again you’re able to spike this up again! Hitting a muscle multiple times a week isn’t something I recommend all of the time, but it can be a great way to get growth happening faster if your arms are resistant.
There are a ton more things to cover which I will in future
One more thing, if you’re really trying to get jacked arms then keep on reading…
You might not ever build 22″ arms but I bet with the right program you could add a LOT of sizes, even if you’ve been training for a long time. I have seen so many people follow my high volume training principles and pack on serious mass fast. In Bigflex Dogg Club there are actually 8 body part guides, one specifically for tricep growth and one for bicep growth – they will teach you so much (The 6 will as well, for other body parts!).
People ask me how much progress can they make by following the programs in Bigflex Dogg Club… I bet within 12 weeks you can add at least 1″ to your arms, which is a LOT!
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