3 Eating Strategies For Faster Growth!

We have truly entered the season where everybody is trying to grow and improve their physique, so today I am going to share 3 eating strategies I recommend you use for growth. Those of you who are Bigflex Dogg Club members should be following The Mass Plan Strategy if the size is your main goal!
  •  Don’t Skip Meals – NO Excuses!
I keep saying this because it is crucial – if you want to really get big, you can’t afford to skip meals, no excuses at all. Every 2-3 hours, eat a meal which is rich in protein. There is a reason for this…
Your muscle protein synthesis levels go up when you do this, which plays a huge role in recovery and muscle growth! Trust me on this one, just do it.
  •  Use Carbs
No bodybuilder I know got huge without using carbohydrates the right way – so many people today run scared of them. They help keep your muscles full, they are protein sparing which means you are better at fighting catabolism and they help you train like a f***ing beast.
Keep the carbohydrate sources you eat clean, don’t get into this bulls*** of eating donuts and candy all the time like I see so many people do on IG!
  •  Cycle Your Calorie Intake
You want to eat big to get big, but don’t get fat. Cycle your calorie intake so you’re getting the fuel needed but also cutting back when you don’t need as much. For example, on leg day make sure you have a high carb day, on rest days cut back because you don’t need as much. Keeping yourself lean when building size is the smart way to do things, this strategy will help you do that.
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