Destroy Plateaus In 3 Steps: “Genetics Aside, Plateaus Usually Happen For A Very Good Reason”

Genetics aside, plateaus usually happen for a very good reason.

Some of these reasons include:

  • Inconsistent eating
  • Incorrect diet
  • Wrong training program
  • Lack of progression with your training (volume)
  • Central nervous system fatigue
  • Bad form, so time under tension is limited

Let me explain how you can crush your plateaus in 3 steps – do these things right and you should see results within 4 weeks!

  • 1 Go Slow, Hold & Squeeze *REPEAT*

Start your workouts with “feel” sets which involve using slower rep tempo (4-second negatives / 2 seconds up). At the peak, contraction holds with a pause and squeezes the muscle, HARD.

Repeat this for 6-7 sets, avoiding failure, keeping your rest periods to 45-60 seconds.

This is all about getting more central nervous system activation, generating more time under tension, and killing momentum with your reps.

  • 2 Double Up

Take your most stubborn muscle group and double up on frequency – 4-5 days later hit it again, with 12-15 “feel” sets which are done as above. Select an isolation exercise, ideally cable. This is all about getting that muscle stimulated again, not killing it.

Getting muscle protein synthesis levels up in the muscle which won’t grow helps accelerate gains!

  • 3 Change Form

Be brutal with yourself, how solid is your form?

Try changing it for 4 weeks, be more controlled, don’t use momentum, even if this means going lighter on the weight.

For many, this is enough!!

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