Nutrition Guidelines: “Did You Know This About Nutrition?”

The majority of questions I receive from #BigflexDoggMail readers are in relation to nutrition and dieting.

When I wrote the Bigflex Dogg Keys Guide to Nutrition my aim was to answer all of the questions I get, plus give a ton more information so that all of my followers could become truly educated on nutrition!

This book gives you over 50 pages of in-depth information on nutrition which will:

  • Show you how to build muscle faster
  • Show you how to maximize fat loss
  • Show you how to improve your health
  • Explain why with real science

I even give you specific macro breakdowns to use, depending on your body, weight, and goal!

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P.S.: In tomorrow’s #bigflexdoggMail I will discuss something I recommend doing with your post-workout meal for better results. Don’t miss it!

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