My Ultimate Guide To Bench Pressing: “How To Build A Huge Chest”

Most of the people who follow me want to build SIZE and MUSCLE. Getting stronger is just part of the process, it is NOT the main aim. This is exactly how you need to view it because if you just keep focusing on the strength you will probably fail to maximize your size.

Here is my guide to bench pressing for SIZE, pay very close attention and you will see faster results.

  • 1 Dumbbells More, Barbells Less

Get away from the idea that your flat bench with a barbell is the fastest route to a big chest, it usually isn’t. You can still do this, but I prefer to use dumbbells more because of the increased movement – you can squeeze the pecs much better through a fuller range of motion.

Use both, but do more dumbbell work!

  • 2 Use All Angles

Get strong on an incline, flat, and decline. This leaves no room for weakness! Alternate which one you use first on each 4-5 week training block like I do with the Bigflex Dogg Club workouts my members use.

  • 3 Check Your Elbows

If you are going for the max weight you will tuck your elbows by your side to recruit your triceps, this makes you stronger – it is just instinct. However, if you want to isolate your pecs and build SIZE, then you need to keep those elbows higher and away from your torso. This gives a much better stretch across the pecs!

  • 4 Change Range of Motion

Watch me bench with dumbbells and barbells, I never lockout. I stretch to the bottom and then go about 80% of the way up, then come back down. Locking out just hits the triceps, bodybuilding is about isolating the muscle as much as possible.

Tomorrow I am going to show you how to CRUSH plateaus!

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