Should You Eat Before Bed?

This is a big question, before bed should you eat?
I think to really optimize your muscle growth and recovery, you need to consume food close to the bed as your last meal of the day.
This is why…
  • Through the night you are going to be fasting for 6-8 hours, this can leave your muscles more vulnerable to catabolism. This is why the protein content is important with this meal!
  • Eating close to bed can help you sleep if you eat the right food because it elevates serotonin which then leads to better sleep. Having a small amount of carbs helps achieve this.
  • A lot of people crave bad s*** late at night, having something which satisfies cravings at this time means you are much less likely to cheat. I am a big believer in eating healthy food, it is not just about calories! Something like a bowl of oatmeal with berries and some protein can be enough – it just needs to give you what you need without going crazy!
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