Delts Attack: Start Your “Shoulder” Workout With This

Some shoulder workouts should be focused on more isolation work, letting the volume, time under tension, and blood volumization to really do the work. This means, sometimes doing less pressing and more isolation exercises is a great idea.

When you do these types of shoulder workouts, start with the REAR deltoids first.

This is why…

  • Getting blood into the rear deltoids first will help position your shoulders for improved muscle recruitment, meaning your posture is going to be in a better position. This also helps your side and front deltoids work more freely when you move to isolation exercises for those areas
  • Most of the time people leave the posterior deltoids until last, which means they are too fatigued to really do enough work and they probably don’t do enough volume either. Starting with the rear deltoids first changes this

Start with reverse pec-dec or reverse cable flys. Then use cable face pulls with a pause to really isolate the rear deltoids more. Aim for 5-6 sets per exercise with short rest periods to get a ton of blood into this area!

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