Back Attacks: “3 Ways To Build a Wider Back”

There are tons of ways to add width to your back. When trying to win my first NPC show, I did a width-specific back workout every week! Today I am going to give 3 tips you can use to add width, done right you will see results fast!

  • 1 Pause Reverse Grip Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are awesome adding width to your back, I think too many bodybuilders forget about this exercise actually. To really make the tension hit your lats, try doing reverse pull-ups with a pause at the top so there is no momentum. This makes the exercise harder so you will get less reps done, but you will also get better engagement.

  • 2 Single Arm Rows

Repping out with bent-over single arm rows is an awesome way to work the lats, I like to do lots of sets of these. Some sets can be done with heavier weight to stimulate high threshold motor unit recruitment, others can be a little lighter with a slower tempo to really work that contraction.

  • 3 Straight Arm Pulldowns with pause

Straight arm pulldowns are awesome for isolating the lats, but you have to go slow and use light enough weight otherwise the tension is quickly lost. Some exercises are about loading the weight up and going for overload, others are just about tension – this is one of those exercises. Hitting 5-6 sets with just 45 seconds rest, using slow tempo with a pause really blows the lats up and leaves you really pumped!

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