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Have you ever stopped and wondered where some bodybuilders will end up in 10, 15, or 20 years? I bet you have, so many people say that the day will come where they lose it all – that is true for some. One of the biggest mistakes bodybuilders make is not thinking about the future, so they don’t preserve their health and consider where they want to be years later.
I am an example of somebody who was able to excel in elite bodybuilding at the very highest level in my younger years and still have it, without any injuries or health issues in my 30s… I feel great right now and that’s not about to change. That is super important to me, it’s also a crucial message I want to share with my fans. Think long-term!!
For me Bigflex Dogg Club is not just about getting people results in the short-term, I want to teach my fans how to build a timeless physique.
Here are 5 things I strongly recommend you do to achieve that:
  • Avoid Failure
When I say “don’t train to failure” people mistake this as going easy… My workouts are f***ing intense, any member of Bigflex Dogg Club will confirm that!
The idea of not going to failure just means going until your muscle can’t do another rep without having to compromise your form or utilize forced reps. The set will still cause you to fatigue to the point you have to stop, but you don’t force it beyond that. This is where a lot of connective tissue trauma is caused when you force things. Once you get issues in your ligaments and tendons that’s hard to recover from!
  •  Chase Volume NOT Weight
Again, don’t misinterpret what I am saying here…
You will build strength with the high volume training programs I recommend, and you will be lifting heavy. However, you should focus on volume accumulation with “heavy” weight rather than doing one set of a super heavyweight with forced reps. It means that:
  1. Your central nervous system will become more primed for building mass
  2. Your joints aren’t stressed so severely, therefore, the risk of injury is reduced
  3. You are able to periodize your training far more effectively so you avoid plateaus
*Bonus Benefit* Your cardiovascular system also gets a great workout and your fat levels stay lower, which are both great for longer-term health.
Bigflex Dogg Club members are CRUSHING IT by following my structured weekly high volume workouts – I strongly recommend you start if you want serious results!! You can JOIN HERE:
  • Stay Mobile
Yesterday my email was all about stretching and the benefits. Staying mobile and flexible can be the difference between you managing to keep going and not, years down the line. This is a really simple point – do daily mobility drills for 15-20 minutes, the return on time invested is priceless for your progress and longevity!!
  • Analyze Your Diet
Obviously, your diet makes a huge difference to your shape and progress, but in terms of longevity you need to watch the following things:
  1. Which foods cause your gut to become inflamed
  2. Which foods make you feel lethargic
  3. Eliminate them because not only is this not for short-term progress, it can impact your immune system, gut health, and general health in the long run as well!
  • Prioritize Recovery
Recovery entails managing your cortisol levels, allowing your central nervous system to recover, giving connective tissue time to recover, and supporting your immune system. This is reliant on enough sleep, eating a lot of micronutrient-rich foods (veggies & fruit), smart programming with training, and staying hydrated. This is huge for longevity!
You might not be an age where you appreciate this advice, but if you’re not one day you will. The smartest people who read this will get it right away – we all want a timeless physique with great health, these 5 tips will help! Thinking long-term starts today, considering everything that you’re doing and the impact it will have.
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P.S.: Always keep your long term health and results in mind!
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