3 Bent Over Row Variations For Wide Lats!

Bent over rows are a great way to add width to your lats, they will also give a ton of thickness! Today I am going to share 3 different varieties of bent-over rows you can use for faster growth – Bigflex Dogg Club members will know already know I really like bent-over rows!
  •  Regular Bent Over Rows
Regular bent over rows are awesome, just make sure you’re doing them correctly. Lean forward so your torso is at a 45-degree angle, too many people stand upright which makes it more like a shrug – generally, because they are trying to go too heavy.
Stretch right the way forward as you lower the weight, keeping the shoulders pushed back. Don’t let your torso or legs move too much, we don’t any momentum here!
  •  Reverse Grip Bent Over Row
Switching to a reverse grip for bent-over rows can help hit the middle and upper back more. This feels a bit more isolated than the first exercise, I recommend going slightly lighter to keep the form tight. Again, take the same stance and reach far enough forward so you’re really working the back muscles through a full range of motion.
  •  Smith Machine Bent Over Row
This isn’t actually an exercise I personally use much, but I find it can help some people improve muscle fiber recruitment in their back. Using a Smith Machine for increased stability can enable you to use a slower rep tempo and use isometric pauses with more precision. If you don’t feel the back muscles working a great deal when training, try this exercise.
All of these variations are best done with a pause at the top to really squeeze the back muscles. Never forget you want to limit momentum so the work is being done by the target muscles. When going heavier you might want to use lifting straps to support your grip.
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