If Your Pecs Won’t Grow, Do This!

There are literally tons of things I could teach you to make any muscle group grow, even the most stubborn ones. Take the chest, for example, so many people really struggle to build a thick chest because they train it incorrectly without realizing it. This is even true for some pros!!
I could actually write a full book on each muscle group, I actually did that to an extent with the Pro Training Principles which all my subscriber are enjoying them. There are 10 body part guides, all focused on each muscle group. This is worth $247 and completely FREE for anyone who joins Bigflex Dogg Club (you can join here: https://bigflexdoggsbc.com/subscription).
I also hold webinars every 2 weeks for Bigflex Dogg Club members, sometimes just talking about chest training (and other body parts).
To give you something of real value today, here are 3 steps I recommend taking to accelerate chest growth. I think you will really find this helps! This is going to help anyone who doesn’t really “feel” their chest work when training.
  •  Pause Reps
Start your chest routine with a dumbbell press on the incline, use pauses at the bottom for 2 seconds before pressing up. This really helps isolate the pecs, killing any momentum and forcing the chest muscles to engage. You will have to drop your ego here because it means you will use less weight, but the pecs will get pumped much quicker.
  •  High Elbows
Here is something to really pay close attention to …
When chest pressing keep your elbows high because it makes the stretch across the pecs far more significant, which is how you engage more muscle fibers. So many people want to press heavyweight, so they naturally tuck their elbows down by their sides because this engages the triceps. This does make you a lot stronger, but it also takes so much tension away from the pecs which is the exact area you are trying to bring up!
  •  Isometric Finisher
To finish your chest workout use a cable exercise such as incline cable flys or cross-overs. Hit 6-7 sets with 45-second rest intervals in between, no longer than that. Select a weight you can hit 10-12 repetitions with a 3 second negative and a 2-second isometric pause. On every single rep, you have to use this pause, contracting the pecs as hard as you possibly can – imagine doing a most muscular as you tense them.
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