Did You Know This About Dieting?

Your body like everybody else has developed based on the food it has been given, over a long time. This is what affects the metabolism and composition of your body, it is something you really need to understand!
If you have eaten a diet that is too calorific for too long, you will probably have insulin resistance, potential estrogen imbalances, and bad blood sugar management. If you have eaten a diet that keeps you lean, supports recovery and muscle growth you probably won’t have these issues.
As a competitive bodybuilder, I never got fat off-season because it doesn’t make sense to. When you get fat you can’t recover as fast, train as intense, or use nutrients as effectively. Sure I got heavier, but I was never too far out of shape.
So think about this for your own diet.
  • Consider that how you choose to fuel your body on a daily basis sets you up for progress, or plateaus in the future depending on how you eat.
  • Even if you have had a slower metabolism earlier on in life, that can be improved by eating correctly and re-establishing your body’s foundation
  • You can make building muscle and losing fat a whole lot easier by keeping in shape, even when you’re in the off-season trying to grow.
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