Train Your “Most Stubborn Muscle Like This”

So you’ve got a muscle group which just won’t grow, right?
Everybody has those, my back needed some extra pushing to overcome weakness and I got there eventually – take it from me, you can make any muscle grow with the right approach.
Do the next 3 things on your weakest muscle group for the next 8 weeks and you’ll be amazed…
  • 1) Pre-Exhaust
To start the workout on this muscle, pre-exhaust with 5-6 sets, 45 seconds rest between each set with 10 reps, using a static pause for 2 seconds every rep! Select a machine rather than free weight so you can create even more tension. For example, if it is chest use the Chest Press machine rather than the bench press. Cables are also a great option here!
“What does this do, Bigflex ?”
Doing this gets a lot of blood into the muscle fast. It provides more central nervous system activation which means that muscle is going to recruit more fibers throughout the workout, and allow you to intentionally achieve more stimulation. This is the foundation to hypertrophy and bodybuilding!
  • 2) Finish with Pump Sets
Once the training volume has been complete with heavy compounds and progressive overload, your last exercise should resemble the pre-exhaustion starting point above. Pick an isolation exercise and follow the same format.
“What does this do, Bigflex ?”
This is to get a s*** ton of blood into the muscle, so you stretch out the fascia. The fascia usually restricts a muscle from expanding so it needs stretching. This will also increase mechano growth factor hormone in the muscle. Cables are a great choice for this exercise on the upper body!
  • 3) Do Extra Frequency
4-5 days after you hit up the weak muscle group do another 10 sets on it, with shorter rest periods, just to stimulate it once again. This can be done as part of another workout, for example doing a chest press at the end of a back workout.
“What does this do, Bigflex ?”
This is more about flushing the muscle so that you can create more muscle protein synthesis by stimulating the mTor Pathway. This is one of the secrets to building muscle – make sure you’re feeding yourself enough protein and amino acids, especially leucine!!
P.S.: This is all about removing ego, it will kick your ass but the results will be worth it!
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