Pump/Injury: “How Do You Warm Up Correctly”?

How do you warm up when weight training? There are so many theories on this and I have my own, so I want to share that with you today.
Sometimes if you’re in a colder place it can be smart to spend 10-15 minutes on cardio equipment just to get your heart rate up and the blood pumping. If it isn’t cold then jumping right into the weights is fine.
My recommendation is to start with an exercise that allows you to work the target muscle without totally isolating it, to the point it is vulnerable. For example, with biceps, I would use barbell curls rather than single arm preacher curls because there’s less stress on the attachment points.
In terms of weight, I actually get going straight away because of my high-volume training style… It isn’t about going right to failure or using the heaviest weight for 6 reps, so I find it actually allows me to warm up as I go. For example, on the triceps, I would do 5 sets of rope pushdowns with 45-60 second rest intervals, which means the muscle fatigues so I’m not able to go my absolute heaviest anyway.
Just to be safe, build the weight up over the first few sets so if there is any weakness/issue you notice it. Start at around 75% of the weight you’d use for a working set of 10-12 reps, and increase it each set on the first exercise.
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