How Often Can You Eat a Cheat Meal?

Everybody sees me having a burger and fries from time to time and wants to know how often they can have a cheat meal. Even back as a competitor and I still am, I’d have cheat meals like this sometimes, and I always stayed in great shape year-round.

Let me explain a few things to you about cheat meals and progress…
  • Cheat meals can be great to refuel when feeling fatigued from extended periods of intense training because they are so calorific and easy to consume. If you struggle to gain size and you’re lean, they can also be a great way to get extra calories into your diet from time to time.
  • You should only have cheat meals if you’re lean, which for men is about 10% body fat or below. When you’re at this point you are more insulin sensitive which means you will use this energy properly – if you’re not this lean, avoid high calorific cheat meals until you get there.
  • It is smarter to have a cheat meal after an intense workout because you will have more glute-4 protein glucose transporters circulating – so you will use the calories much quicker. After hitting up a big 30 set quad workout is a great example!
  • Don’t overindulge in cheat meals, you need balance. A lot of this food isn’t that rich in micronutrients or other natural ingredients which your body needs for health and to progress. Keep things in perspective and remember 95% of your diet should be from clean, natural food.
Perspective is so important, as someone who was near 240lbs lean, I had a ton of muscle to absorb those calories. Even then I didn’t make it a regular thing because I believe in good nutrition and the other health benefits that brings. However, when you are going to have a cheat meal keep the things I have said above in mind.
Also, you can make relatively healthy homemade versions of a burger and friends – this is a great choice.
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