Does Carb Cycling Get You Lean?

If you watch my IG stories you might hear me talk about carb cycling, I refer to it as the “zig zag” diet because some days carbs & calories go up or down. I have just finished writing my nutrition eBook which is really informative from my own experiences as a competitor, one of the topics I talk about is carb cycling…
Let me explain a little more about it today and some of the benefits…
What is carb cycling?
At a basic level carb, cycling means rotating carbohydrate intake through the week. This means you could have 4 days at a moderate level, 2 low days, 1 high day, and repeat – there is no fixed structure to carb cycling, it just describes the practice of rotating your carbs.
Why does it work?
There are a few reasons why carb cycling can be a great idea for fat loss:
  • You can consume more energy when you need it, like on leg day you burn more fuel. On rest day you burn less, so you’re eating what you need and no more than that!
  • Your metabolism slows down after a while of dieting, having high carb days is a great way to spike it back up. This becomes more obvious the leaner you get.
  • When you are super lean you get something called leptin resistance, high carb days help raise leptin levels. This can help overcome plateaus when you’re deep into a diet.
How do you apply it?
You need to work out your baseline needs then work from there. If you usually have 150g of carbs per day, you might have 100g on a low day and 300g on a high day. This all depends on your net calorie needs through the week and how much fat you’re also consuming. I recommend matching your higher days when you’re training bigger body parts so you use the extra fuel!
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